We are Craig and Cass, family loving, moment seeking, memory curator’s. Most days you will find us filming and photographing moments, editing or hanging out with our kids and our zoo of animals. Our days are all about how we can capture those moments that you want to last a life time. Tiny fingers and toes, giggles and smiles, first kiss as husband and wife. All these things are our happy place! We love honest real connections that make you laugh so hard your sides hurt and fill your heart with so much joy that you can’t help but smile. 

We are a husband and wife team who live local to the Macarthur region and love being part of days that showcase our community and its locations.

We're Craig & Cass


For us being part of your day isn’t about filming it. It’s about capturing those moments that make you smile years later, the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy and maybe bring a happy tear to your eye. Witnessing the moment when a Groom wipes the tear from his eye as he sees his Bride for the first time is second only to seeing the love between families. It’s the kind of stuff fairy tales and dreams are made of; sometimes we still can’t believe we get to experience this kind of feeling with so many people.


I will bust out my best Dad jokes to create equal amounts of eye rolls and laughter to calm your nerves – even if you can hear Cass’ eye roll from the other side of the planet. I’m super fun – but as you can see not a great wordsmith. When it comes to filming I’ve got that down pat! 

When I’m not being a memory curator my happy place is hitting the trails on my mountain bike, scoping out new gear, spending time with our zoo of animals or taking Amy out for a long ride (she’s my motorcycle)


For me it’s all about the story telling. I want to find the connection in the moments that will bring you back in time so you can have all the feels again. 

I love true, real moments – no cheesy smiles. Every session with me is about fun and connection. 


Whether I’m filming your moments or stopping them in time with a photograph we’re gonna sing and laugh… a lot, seriously so much your side will hurt and your cheeks will be tired from all the smiling. There’ll be dancing – which may contribute to the laughing, but most of all there will be moments that make your heart sing. I want more than anything for you to look back at these times as a moment where you’ve never felt more connected to each other and as a day when you made a new friend.

When you see me without a camera in my hand, you’ll find me in my other happy place snuggled with a blanket, my book and a tea, growing, learning and seeing the miracles of life one seed at a time…or at the beach still reading but soaking up the sun and loving the sounds of the waves.

Together we will laugh, cry happy tears, sing, dance, be crazy – all super cool stuff, but most of all we will have so much fun you won’t be able to help but be yourself.

So seriously if this sounds as amazing to you as it does to us, what are you waiting for? Reach out we would love to chat with you.


You’ll know we’re a match for you if you are most comfy hanging out with your family and friends, cracking jokes, and want to capture real moments that make your heart sing when you see them.


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